• Nike Site Complex Rules

    We welcome all visitors to the Nike Site Playing Complex. We ask that while enjoying your baseball experience, you follow these simple rules:
  • SIBL History

    The Swansea Independent Baseball League was established to offer an alternative to the town's existing youth baseball program. The league's first organizational meeting was held in September 1975, but later i... More
  • Why Play at SIBL??

    The primary features of Pony baseball are those of a two year age bracket system and scaled diamonds. Additionally, Pony teaches lead offs and base stealing starting at age 9 (Bronco Division), pitchers learn... More

    With the season underway, the SIBL administration would like to remind all visitors to the Nike Site playing complex to please be courteous to our neighbors. Drive slowly when entering and leaving the comple... More

    Please be advised that Insurance Regulations require that dogs, leashed and unleashed, be prohibited from entering or remaining within the Nike Site Facility. Thank You for your cooperation!